Help Agents solve user queries quickly using the AI Agent Assistant

When it comes to Contact Centers, time is the most crucial metric. The time required to resolve a customer query directly affects the level of customer satisfaction. In the case of complex queries, Agents need to draw information from various sources and systems in order to find a resolution for the Customer’s issue. This information gathering usually takes a bit of time. Sometimes, Agents also need to feed data into the system for a few Customer cases, which is a tedious and time-consuming activity.

SmartBots Agent Assistant comes to the rescue. The Intelligent Virtual Assistant acts as a companion to the Agent. This Agent Assistant walks along with the Agent during a conversation and keeps fetching the required information along with the conversation flow. Depending on the Customer’s statements, the AI Agent Bot intelligently prompts relevant replies and responses, which help the Agent reply to the Customer in an efficient manner.

Why Agent Assistant Chatbot?


Quicker query resolution

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Greater Agent Productivity

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Intelligent Virtual Assistant like an Agent Assistant Bot aims to help the Agents at all times by easing various tedious, complex and repetitive tasks

Agent Assistant Bot available In




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Connect to Knowledge Base

Intelligent Agent Assistant can connect to a knowledge base, retrieve relevant information and present it to the user seamlessly


Automate Agent Processes

AI Agent Bot can take care of tedious activities like data entry, complex navigation sequences, etc


Instant Answers

Through integrations, the Intelligent Virtual Assistant can be aware of the agents’ working environment and current conversation and accordingly, provide guidance.



As the Agent Assist Chatbot is aware of the context of the conversations, it can provide immediate answers to questions and queries that the agent is not able to answer.

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