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Comprehensive Conversational Analytics

Analytics and Insights help you measure the BOT’s performance, engagement, and retention metrics. The visually-rich and comprehensive dashboard allow enterprise users to delve deeper into BOT analytics and conversations, identify areas of improvement and thereby, augment the capabilities of the BOT.

Why SB Analytics?

Understand Bot Performance

Measure ROI

Identify Area of Improvement

SB Analytics Business Metrics

These metrics give a broad view of the impact of the bot on the business. Looking at these metrics, Management teams can measure the ROI and take strategic decisions

  • Self-Serve Rate: Measures the extent to which a chatbot is fulfilling its primary functions without any external help
  • Volunteer Users: the number of users who begin an interaction with a chatbot without having been prompted to do so
  • Conversion Rate: In a sales context, this will mean how many interactions result in a successful sale.
  • Feedback Ratings: This gives a sense of what the users are feeling about the bot
  • Time Saved: The amount of time saved due to the deployment of a bot

SB Analytics Performance Metrics

These are the core metrics that define the performance of a bot. These metrics give you a complete idea how the bot is performing and how the users are being served by the bot.

  • Goal Completion Rate (GCR): This captures the percentage of successful engagement through chatbot.
  • Retention Rate: This is the percentage of users that return to using the chatbot on given time frame.
  • Fallback Rate (FBR): Chatbots are expected to fail sometimes, but what really matters is those failures happen regularly or in some extreme cases. Fallback Rate captures that information.
  • Average Session Duration: The time period for which a chatbot interacted with a user
  • Voluntary User Engagement: The number of times a client has engaged with the chatbot without being encouraged to do so

SB Analytics Administration Metrics

These metrics give us an idea about the usage of the bot. They indicate how many people are interacting with the bot and how actively they are being engaged by the bot

  • Total Users – Number of users who have used the bot
  • Active Users – Number of user who actively interact with the bot
  • New Users – Number of users who have used the bot for the first time

These metrics help in understanding how the conversations are flowing and how quickly the bot is able to solve the users’ queries.

  • Bot Messages: Bot messages are the total number of messages sent by the chatbot in each interaction
  • In Messages: This category shows the messages sent by the user.
  • Total Conversations: Number of conversation started and successfully completed on a given day.
  • New Conversations: Number of new conversations started.

An End-to-End solution for all your Enterprise Bot needs

Smart essentials for your Virtual Assistant

Collection of industry specific pre-built skills which are pre-trained with standard conversation flows.

A Bot Testing Framework to test your bots and identify weak spots

Identify vulnerable conversations and train the bot to handle them, thus improving the bot quality

AND More!


Understand the metrics and insights better with the help of inbuilt customizable Visualizations


Get an overview of the Bot’s performance with the help of the CSAT score that indicates the level of Customer Satisfaction


A cloud of words that indicates the frequently used words by the users. Use these words to improve your bot


Channel Comparison

Compare the performance of your bot on the different channels it is being hosted and tweak the bot accordingly

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