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Why Customer Support Bot?

Customer Support is one of the most resource-intensive departments in any enterprise. Customer Service Agents spend their whole day answering customer questions, connecting with other departments for relevant information, and solving repetitive customer queries. Higher customer queries lead to the requirement for more Agents and resources and ultimately result in greater costs for the company.

AI is revolutionizing the Customer Service domain. AI is helping companies to better support their customers through various channels and methods. Chatbots play a key role in this AI revolution.

Smartbots Customer Support Bot is an AI-powered bot that lets enterprises do things that once were just believed to be impossible: support customers 24×7, resolve customer queries without human intervention, handle huge user queries simultaneously and more

Agents, and ultimately higher AI based contact center costs.

Main Features of Customer Support Chatbot

24x7 Support

Decrease Hold Times

Reduce Costs

Pre-Built and Customizable Skills



Enable customers/employees to self-serve by giving them access to the knowledge base


Ticket Status

Create a ticket, provide ticket status information and updates through conversational interfaces


Account Updates

Modify account details, know billing and payment-related information and get status updates through the chatbot.


Live Agent Handover

For more complex and urgent queries, a bot can handover the conversation to the live-agent

Customer Service Chatbot Available In





24×7 Availability

Customer Service Bot, unlike a human, does not need any off time. Bots work round the clock to resolve user queries.


Quick Resolution

Discover the most common customer issues and queries and address them quickly


Quick Feedback

Feedback is important to understand user requirements. Get instant and quick feedback from the users through customer support chatbot.


Efficient Time Usage

As the bot handles the most common queries, Agents are free to pursue more important and complex tasks


Easily scalable

Customer Service Chatbot can handle a great number of queries simultaneously without any extra resources.


Easy Accessibility

Customer Support Bot can be configured to be accessed from any channel and any device


CRM Integrations

Customer Service Bot can be integrated with existing CRMs that will help to drive impact in a short time

Live agent transfer

In case of a complicated query, the Customer Service Chatbot can smoothly transfer the call to a live agent, along with the context.

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