Self-Serve Customer Service using Conversational IVR

In the domain of Customer Service, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems were a game-changer. IVR systems make it easier for enterprises to provide customers with phone-based self-service. But in today’s world, the customers want more. They wish for simpler ways to engage with enterprises and quicker response and resolution for their queries.

The Problem

Traditional IVR systems fall behind and do not live up to customers’ expectations because of their long and complicated menu trees, slow response time, and lack of conversational ability. This leads to more frustration than satisfaction among customers, increased number of calls being transferred to Live Agents, and ultimately higher AI based contact center costs.

The Solution – Conversational IVR

Conversational IVR is like IVR on steroids. It replaces the long, boring, and complicated menu-driven structure with Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence and Quick Response capabilities. The Conversational IVR system can understand the customers’ intent, context, and content spoken in Natural Language and provide a much free form and dynamic customer experience.

Customers can talk to the bot in their own words, convey their issue or query, and get a suitable response in natural language.

No more button pressing! No more boring and repetitive script!

Customers get a personalized, convenient, and frustration-free self-service without the hassles of a monotonous menu-driven structure.

Conversational IVR reduces the requirement for Live Agents, increasing the Agents’ efficiency and decreasing overall Customer Center costs.

Agents, and ultimately higher AI based contact center costs.

Main Features of AI IVR


24x7 Support


Natural Language Speech Recognition


Consistent and Improved Customer Experience

The AI IVR Bot allows the users to self-serve and resolves their issues within the IVR while interacting with the system naturally, in their own words

Connect IVR Chatbot with a wide range of Contact Center Technologies


Natural Language-based Speech Recognition

Advanced NLP NLU technologies enable AI IVR bot to understand users’ intent when they speak naturally in their own words


Reduce the need for Live Agents

AI based contact center with IVR Chatbot gets users to the right conversation flows, improving the use of automated systems and reducing the need for Live Agents


Personalized user experience

The Bot can read customer data and provide a personalized experience to the user so which increases user satisfaction


Reduce Operations Costs

IVR Chatbots reduce costs through increased efficiency, higher self-service rate, improved call resolution, and greater agent utilization


Cloud and On-Prem Solutions

Have the flexibility to deploy bot solution on Cloud or On-Prem, bot delivering full conversational IVR experience



Range of analytics to get actionable insights to optimize the performance of AI IVR and meet organization KPIs

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