Update users with the latest information using the
COVID-19 Bot

Main Features of COVID-19 Bot

24x7 Support

Update Users instantly

Provide real-time information

COVID-19 HealthCare Bot can help provide authentic and real-time information to the users in a conversational manner

How to deploy COVID-19 Bot on your website?

Covid19 Bot can be deployed on your website easily. All you need to do is paste the plugin given below in your website code.

For Static HTML Page

You can simply paste the plugin code as it is in your HTML file. Generally, it would be an index.html file.

For WordPress site

If your website is built using WordPress, you can create a custom plugin following the instructions in the video. Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7QfH-s-15s


If you want to customize the bot name and welcome message, you can do so by editing the respective fields in the plugin code. The list of fields which can be modified are given hereunder:

  • botName
  • heading1
  • tagLine
  • heading2
  • botDescription
  • window.firstMessage
  • window.promptsList
Make sure you modify only the values and not the variable names. if you want any customizations then contact us at info@smartbots.ai

COVID-19 Chatbot can also be deployed on the channel of your choice…

Authentic Information

AI Sales Assistant, unlike humans, does not need any off time. Bots work round the clock to resolve user queries.

Real-time Information

Sales Chatbot can handle a great number of queries simultaneously without any extra resources.

Reach More Users

Sales Chatbot can send reminders about targets, performance and product information at regular time intervals to keep the sales team updated

24×7 Availability

Bots respond to the user in a consistent manner irrespective of the user’s mood and way of talking.

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