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Medical chatbots to personalize and optimize patient care, one interaction at a time

Conversational AI in HealthCare

SmartBots Healthcare Chatbots enables healthcare providers to create personalized interactions with their patients, clinicians, and staff and thereby, augment digital health experiences. SmartBots help you jump start your Conversational AI journey with intelligent and engaging Chatbots for Healthcare accessible across channels, including voice channels.

Jumpstart your Conversational AI Journey with our ready-to-use Medical Chatbots

Registration and Scheduling

Craft personalized, cohesive and seamless patient experiences with our AI-powered Virtual Assistants who collect important patient information, discover the right specialists and optimal times for appointments and deliver personalized scheduling to patients. Reduce the drudge-intensive and low-value workload of your administrative staff and enable them to focus on delivering high-quality patient care and experiences.

Clinician Assistant in Medical Chatbot

Clinician Assistant

Integrate our AI-powered virtual assistants into the clinical workflow to enable clinicians and nurses to retrieve the right information at the right time by simply asking the BOT. Equip clinicians with critical insights and suggestions during and after care. Customize our Clinician Assistants to meet the needs and standards of your care management mechanisms and integrate them with relevant EHR/EMR systems.

Health-Plans & Billing

Simplify healthcare coverage assessment for healthcare payers through assisted conversations that enable them to understand the costs for a service, past claims made and check claim status and report unauthorized claims. Save time and effort of your admin staff through the guided self-service provided by our Health Plans and Billing Virtual Assistants. Seamlessly integrate the platform with your authorized insurance providers.


Population Health Management

Patients especially with chronic conditions like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, etc. require regular reminders and prompts to take medications and health-checks so that they do not have relapses and re-hospitalizations. Leverage the Chronic Condition Management BOTs to send regular reminders to the patients and follow up to ensure that they are on track with the prescribed treatment plan.

Patient Engagement

Enhance provider-patient engagement and experiences through critical information access to patients when required. Leverage our Patient Support BOT to setup automated reminders, capture actions taken, assist in medication adherence and care management through contextual guided conversations with patients. Enable care providers to discover important issues patients would like addressed and take appropriate actions.


Benefits of Conversational AI in Healthcare

Get Started on Conversational AI Journey with our ready to use Medical Chatbots
  • Improve Operational efficiency
  • Improved Patient Adherence
  • Unified and Frictionless Patient Experiences
  • Save time, resources and money with automated workflows
  • Improved Efficiency and Quality of Patient Care
  • Opportunities to Deliver Affordable and Accessible Care

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