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Human Resource professionals play an important role in any organization. They are responsible for maintaining and managing every aspect related to employees. The HR team typically spends each by carrying out activities related to on-boarding, employee engagement, learning and development, recruitment, or HR helpdesk.

Traditional HR processes and systems were designed to be functionally good but they were not designed to be efficient. They work well to store all information at the backend, but they are not seamless when it comes to delivering the information to the employees in an accurate and timely manner.

HR Bot Application comes to the rescue. HR Chatbots are designed to perform HR tasks at any time of the day which helps the employees to resolve their themselves and their own convenience, without depending on the HR team.

Smartbots HR Bot helps streamline and personalize the HR processes across the employee life-cycle

How HR Bot Application can help

Available 24x7

Boost Efficiency

Save Time and Money

According to Forrester, roughly 85% of employee interactions within an enterprise will be with Chatbots for Employees in the coming years ...

HR Chatbots work throughout the Employee Lifecycle


Learning & Development

Employee Engagement





  • Educate employees about company policies
  • Guide them through company processes
  • Collect forms and documents
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Employee Engagement

  • Understand Employee sentiment
  • Get feedback and suggestions
  • Send wishes on birthdays, anniversaries, etc
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Learning and Development

  • Provide info about business basics and company jargon
  • Prompt tests and quizzes to test employees’ knowledge
  • Provide relevant study material
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HR Helpdesk

  • Answer frequent employee queries
  • Provide requested info like Payslips, Forms, etc
  • Assist employees in processes like applying for leaves

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