Automated Insurance agent for the modern Conversational era

Transforming the entire cycle of sales, support & claims with AI-powered Insurance Bots.

Virtual Assistants driving Customer Retention

Eliminate long wait times and improve CSAT by providing self-service customer support agents any time, anywhere. Improve productivity and enhance customer care by helping agents to focus on the most important things that matter.

Our Conversational AI driven insurance agent helps address not only queries related to policy information, claims, product information but also let customers complete tasks related to them in a conversational manner.


Increase in online policy sales


Decrease in claims handling times


Increase in CSAT

Intelligent VAs helping different verticals of Insurance industry

Life Insurance

Health Insurance

P&C Insurance

Intelligent Virtual Assistants built for Industry use-cases

Policy Assistant

Make it easy for customers to find policy information, benefits and pricing and offer incentives for early renewal. Provide smart advise to customers and assist them in making the right choices in the buying process.

Claims Assistant

Assist customers in reporting a claim anytime, anywhere. Resolve claim related queries instantaneously and help customers in the claim filing process in an effortless manner at the time of distress.

Customer Support Assistant

Assist customers at all times. Give policy information, premium payment reminders, personalized recommendations and more. VA provides a personalized conversational experience thus increasing CSAT

Benefits of Conversational AI in Insurance

Faster Settlements & Optimized Customer Experiences

Ensure faster settlements & optimized, frictionless customer experiences.
Improved risk evaluation with AI/ML making appropriate quotes for different risk groups.
Personalized, customized, and individualized quotes/services and overall customer experiences.
Improved policy sales through meaningful conversations, personalization, faster quotes, onboarding, and processing.
Faster claims adjudication and settlements for enhanced customer satisfaction.
Decreased frauds as AI can collect, analyze, and predict outcomes in advance.

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