Use IT Assitant Automation to Increase Employee Productivity

Improve the efficiency of your organisational processes with Smartbot’s  AI agents, which are capable of self-learning and auto-remediation in addition to resolving all of your IT issues in a matter of seconds.

How IT Bot Application can help


Saving Opernational Expense


Reduction in Resoultions Time


Save FTE working hours


Specialized NLP Engine

In addition to a unified search engine with self-indexing capability, our NLP engine is domain educated for IT excellence and contextual comprehension.


Workflow Automation

A UI-based process automation solution for easily creating processes and ensuring flawless fulfilment.

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Incident Management

In addition to self-healing, our protocol-based incident management escalates, mitigates, and eradicates all security occurrences and produces a post mortem report.


Cognitive analytics

Real-time insights on agent availability, MTTR, query volumes, bot accuracy, self-service adoption, staff satisfaction ratings, and more are available.

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