Frustration free Customer Experience with Smart Assistants

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How Smart Assistants can help you ?

Frustration Free Experience

SmartAssistants address most commonly asked queries instantly and provide frustration free and frictionless experience. Answering the queries right first time allows organizations to optimize customer support spend.

Improved Customer Retention Rates

SmartAssistants help in providing differentiated and personalized experiences to your customers. Frictionless experience and 24/7 availability help in creating a strong trust with your customers and improving customer retention rates.

Great Customer service culture

SmartAssistants act as a gatekeeper and answer the most repetitive questions that frustrate customer service reps. Organizations can help customer service reps focus on resolving questions worthy of their time and thus help create a virtuous customer service culture.

Conversational Assistants that delight your customers

Smart essentials for your Virtual Assistant


Deploy your virtual assistants on multiple channels like Slack, Facebook, Whatsapp, Web and IVR systems. Manage and track multiple channels right from the Smartbots Platform

Live Agent transfer

Transfer the conversation to a human agent on demand or for conversations the Assistant is not trained yet. This keeps the human in the loop and makes sure your customer and given the right attention when required

Pre-built Smart skills

Our collection of SmartSkills that are industry and process specific will help you get started immediately. Extend SmartSkills to drive your own enterprise specific personalized conversations.

Conversational Intelligence

With a combination of human communication rules, smart conversation design, personalized contextual data and sentimental analysis  our technology drives human like conversations

Enterprise connect

Connect to any enterprise system with our Smart and secure integration framework. Create your own enterprise specific business logic to drive goal oriented conversations.


Monitor the performance of the Virtual assistant with our advanced analytics tool.  Get real time and actionable insights on engagement, human time saved, most common conversations and customers expectations.

Integrate Smartbots into your business environment

SmartBots easily connects to your CRM, Enterprise systems, IVR systems and other Business tools so you can effortlessly  deliver exceptional customer experiences while driving productivity and improving efficiency.

Your channels

Your business solutions

Your IVR systems

Pre-built & Customizable Skills


Enable customers/employees to self-serve by giving them access to the knowledge base

Ticket Status

Create ticket, provide ticket status information and updates through conversational interfaces

Account Updates

Modify account details, know billing and payment-related information and get status updates through a chatbot

Live Agent Handover

For more complex and urgent queries, bot can handover the conversation to the live-agent

….and many more

Smartbots Conversational AI Platform

Smartbots is a cohesive bot development platform that designs, develops, validates and deploys
AI-powered conversational chatbots that suit the unique needs of your business.

Our Technology

The various modules that make the Smartbots Platform enable us to deliver you the best Conversational agents in a short time. These modules have been designed and developed with extensive care and ensure superior quality conversational experiences for your customers.

How do we work?

Our concentrated approach to superior Conversational Agents ensures high-quality empathetic bots in a quick time. Our pre-built bot skills help in getting to market quickly and our Testing Training and Analytics modules make sure the bot is always delivering delightful customer experiences.

Enterprise Support

Smartbots Platform is enterprise-ready and is equipped to handle the complex use-cases encountered in any enterprise setup. This includes enterprise-grade security and authentication, user management, SSO, and more. We provide the flexibility of On-prem, Cloud, and Hybrid solutions.

Let SmartBots Support You in Developing Competitive

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