Redefining User Interactions with Conversational AI for Pharma

Conversational AI is powering the next horizon of Pharma Customer engagement

Conversational AI is redefining how Pharma companies communicate with patients, physicians and employees platform offers AI-powered Intelligent Virtual Assistants to help pharmaceutical companies in providing automated support for customers, patients, healthcare professionals, sales reps/field force and employees.These smart virtual agents mimic human conversations via text or auditory means. And this is a huge opportunity for Pharma companies to have a one-to-one conversation with their customers, doctors, and patients. This helps in building a strong relationship with doctors and patients by communicating with them and assisting them directly.
Intelligent Virtual Assistants empower organizations to overhaul and redefine user engagement and brand performance.

Jumpstart your Conversational AI Journey with our ready-to-use virtual assistants

Sales Reps/Field Force

Connect Virtual agents to CRM and automate repetitive processes like filing Daily Activity report, checking targets and progress, reviewing KPIs, sending reminders, setting up meetings, finding relevant information, sending notifications, placing orders and more



Support and engage patients in their healthcare management experience. Provide access to critical medical, drug and usage information easily and quickly

Healthcare Professionals

Provide precise, scientifically validated information and answer physicians’ queries on-demand. AI powered Virtual Assistants can be an excellent interface between the brand and HCP



Respond to employee requests, resolve common IT or HR queries, and issues important reminders and notifications. Assist employees in phases of the employee lifecycle like Onboarding, Learning & Development, Employee Engagement, Helpdesk and Recruitment

Benefits of AI Virtual Agents in Pharma

  • Increases CSAT, Brand loyalty and trust
  • Automatically capture valuable customer data
  • 24×7 availability
  • Save time searching for important medical info
  • Market new drugs and devices
  • Increase productivity and optimize costs

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