A Conversational AI Platform for Building Smarter Bots

SmartBots is a Chatbot Builder with all the necessary components for enterprises to build, test, train, measure, and manage bots. The Bot Platform enables businesses to quickly build & deploy conversational bots with significantly reduced time to market.

A Bot Builder Platform that helps your enterprise with

1 %

decrease in Time-to-Market

1 ++

datasets across industries

60 - 1 %

decrease in Chatbot implementation costs

An End-to-End solution for all your Enterprise Bot needs

Collection of industry specific pre-built skills which are pre-trained with standard conversation flows.

A Bot Testing Framework to test your bots and identify weak spots

Identify vulnerable conversations and train the bot to handle them, thus improving the bot quality

Understand your bot’s performance with real-time analytics and metrics.

Multiple Channels - Single Platform

Smartbots Bot platform can help you monitor, nurture and improve your bots irrespective of which channel they are hosted on

Multiple NLUs - Single Platform

Smartbots Chatbot Builder works with all the popular NLUs used for building bots

Amazing Features that make the Smartbots Platform the most comprehensive Bot Platform

Bot Testing

Generating quality test data is a laborious process involving lot of man hours. Our automated test data generation algorithm simplifies the process by auto generating domain specific test data. Also, our pre-built test datasets available in our library can help in evaluating the bot performance before the bot is deployed into production

Live Agent Handover

Sometimes, Bots need to handover conversations to Human agents and our Smartbots platform enables it. If you already have a customer support application in place, SmartBots platform can be integrated with it. Else, you can make use of SmartBots platform to interact with the customers whenever the bot hands over the conversation to human agent.

Conversation flow design

Design your conversations according to your enterprise needs with the help of this designer. Easy to use and quick to implement Bot performance reports Generate reports that contain information and insights about the bot’s activities that will help you take better business decisions.

Bot performance reports

Generate reports that contain information and insights about the bot’s activities that will help you take better business decisions.

Domain specific datasets

We have pre-built standard test datasets like enterprise small talk, out of domain and domain specific test datasets across industries.

Support for various NLUs

The Smartbots Platform supports various NLUs like Amazon Lex, Google DialogFlow, Microsoft Luis, RASA and many more.

Skill Library

Make use of a wide collection of industry specific pre-built skills which are pre-trained with standard conversation flows to build bots quickly with minimum Time-to-Market


Add FAQs to the bot in standard Q&A format or as raw knowledge. Bot will automatically learn from knowledge base and answer user questions

Dialog Manager

Human conversations are sometimes unstructured; shifting between topics is a common scenario. Dialog manager helps in controlling the dialog state and flow of the conversations.

Handling multiple Skills

Increase in number of intents leads to performance compromise. Skill orchestrator, a proprietary ML model by Smartbots, can handle multiple skills with a seamless flow.

Context Management

Context management is the method in which the bot memory during the conversation is managed. You might want your bot to never forget user conversations or you might want the bot to refresh itself after every session. Pick the right pre-defined context management method which best suits your bot need.


Every enterprise has security compliance and policies. Especially highly regulated industries like healthcare and finance have tight regulatory compliances which cannot be compromised. Bots created on SmartBots platform are enterprise grade secure with adherence to industry specific compliances. The data is always encrypted.

System Integration Framework

SmartBots platform is integrated with SAAS platforms like Salesforce, Workday, SAP, Quickbooks, DOMO etc. For home grown systems, our API friendly integration layer reduces the burden on developers for integration

Release Management

Releasing a bot into production, post testing, is facilitated using Release Management module. Publish your bot with a simple 1-click process. Keep track of all your releases with the History feature

Business Logic (low code environment)

Empowering Custom Development Of Chat Assistants

Smartbots studio is architected in such a way that the conversation logic and business logic are completely separated. While the state-of-the-art conversation logic is already part of the studio, business users can entirely focus on the business-specific logic.
Enterprise use-cases have a definite need to add domain-specific logic.

  • Validating user input values. For example, values such as email, age, application names, etc might need domain-specific validations. Such validations can be easily added using this low-code interface.
  • Handling conversation flow changes based on the user input. In this low-code environment, the business rules that determine the conversation flows can be written into a JSON file. We plan to make it easier for non-developers too, with a GUI.
  • Providing appropriate guidance to users to fulfill their goals. For example, users might want to know the reason why they need to share their SSN. SmartBots studio’s low-code interface facilitates the configuration of user guidance for each input value.

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