Dialog State Tracker

Technology to converse like humans


A dialog state tracking technology that can handle complex conversations, that too with ease

What is your Virtual Assistant wishlist?

Capable of handling complex conversations?

Handle real human conversations that contain context changes?

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Dialog State Tracker

Every conversational virtual assistant requires a module that controls the dialog state flow. This module determines the stability and smartness of a virtual assistant.

Smartbots DST is a sophisticated software component that handles the flow of the conversation in a virtual agent. DST is equipped with state of the art tools and algorithms that are capable of seamlessly handling the most complex and varied conversation flows. DST is designed to significantly increase the stability and smartness of the virtual assistant,and giving a human-like conversation experience.

Multiple bots based State identification

A system of multiple bots, in place of a single one, is capable of identifying the user dialog with higher accuracy.  The DST uses this methodology to increase the conversation stability and thus can handle complex conversation flows.

RL based next State prediction

DST uses Reinforcement Learning(RL) in order to predict the next state. This is different from the commonly used Decision tree approach. While decision trees soon get complex and difficult to manage, RL can handle millions of flow variations. Ability to handle these large volumes of flow variations provide a near human experience to your customers

Graph based context management

We humans handle context with extreme ease without even realising how we do it. But, context management is a difficult challenge in Conversational AI, as conversations are not always linear in nature. DST solves this problem by using a graph based context management, that can track, maintain and retrieve the most appropriate context and thus provide a smooth conversational experience to the user.

An End-to-End solution for all your Enterprise Bot needs

Collection of industry specific pre-built skills which are pre-trained with standard conversation flows.

Identify vulnerable conversations and train the bot to handle them, thus improving the bot quality

Understand your bot’s performance with real-time analytics and metrics.

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