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Stand up a chatbot use case within 30 days. Our Proof-Of-Value program is accepting applications
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30-Day POV Accelerator Program

Not all Conversational AI solutions (chatbots or virtual assistants) are equal. Building a chatbot or virtual assistant might seem easy using a developer self-service framework. But organizations face more problems scaling it up for production readiness.

Our Proof-Of-Value accelerator program helps identify the problems early on and scale the Conversational AI solutions to success.

Implementation Strategy

Week 1

  • Identify primary use case and Success metrics
  • Discuss with business stakeholders the desired IVA use cases
  • Prioritize based on ROI and functional basis
  • Shared agreement on POV scope for one use case

Week 2

  • Deep dive the POV use case
  • Drill down from high-level use case process flows
  • Establish language model
  • Define dialog flows

Week 3

  • Identify and communicate technical requirements
  • Determine deployment channel
  • Define system integration requirements

Week 4

  • Publish POV and communicate testing plan
  • Identify POV testers and send feedback links
  • Review dialog flows
  • Schedule go-live!

Go Live

  • Test & Measure
  • Run thorough tests on IVA flows
  • Measure results
  • POV report

Apply for our POV Program and stand up a
chatbot use case within 30 days.

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