Empower your sales team with a 24×7 available AI Sales Assistant

The Sales Representatives in any organization, need to always be up to date with the information about the company’s brands, the competitors’ brands, and also need to keep track of their performance for making sure they hit their sales targets for the month.

Retrieving the relevant information from the backend systems is a slow and inefficient process. It takes time to access the system and to search for the information. It also takes a long time to call the contact center of the company and explain the question and get the relevant answer.

Time is crucial on the field while doing sales and this is what the company realized and hence wanted to make the process quicker and easier Smartbots Sales Assistant Bot was created to empower the Sales team with an AI Sales Assistant that can converse with the workforce in natural language, understand enterprise terminology and respond intelligently by pulling the data from multiple backend sources. The bot is packed with features like integration with multiple backend systems, smart learning abilities, context handling, smooth live agent transfer, and omnichannel interface

Why Sales Assistant Bot?

Assist 24x7

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Update team with the latest information


Boost Sales

69% of Sales Reps say that a Sales Chatbot has been helpful in their daily activities and has increased their productivity

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24×7 Availability

AI Sales Assistant, unlike humans, does not need any off time. Bots work round the clock to resolve user queries.


Easily scalable

Sales Chatbot can handle a great number of queries simultaneously without any extra resources.

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Connect to Knowledge Base

Sales Assistant Bots can connect to a knowledge base, retrieve relevant information and present it to the user seamlessly


Send Reminders

Sales Chatbot can send reminders about targets, performance and product information at regular time intervals to keep the sales team updated


Consistent user experience

Bots respond to the user in a consistent manner irrespective of the user’s mood and way of talking.


Live agent transfer

In case of a complicated query, the AI Sales Assistant can smoothly transfer the call to a live agent, along with the context.

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