Effortlessly answer customer questions with

FAQ bot

Main Features of FAQ Chatbot

24x7 Support

Manage load at peak times

Boost Sales

Support and Engage your customers by automatically answering upto 80% of their questions with Smart FAQ Bot

Deploy your FAQ bot anywhere

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Quick query resolution by the Smart FAQ bot leads to increased satisfaction among the customers

Cost Savings

A large customer service team is not required as most of the customer queries can be easily handled by the FAQ bot.

Reach New Customers

24×7 availability and multichannel presence of the FAQ bot enables the companies to reach new customers

Deeper Customer Understanding

Smart FAQ Bot helps to understand customers better and to get insights about Customers’ greatest pain points

24×7 Availability

Bots, unlike human, do not need any off time. Bots work round the clock to resolve user queries.

Easily scalable

Bots can handle a great number of queries simulataneously without any extra resources.

Consistent user experience

Smart FAQ Bot responds to the user in a consistent manner irrespective of the user’s mood and way of talking.

Live agent transfer

In case of a complicated query, the Smart FAQ bot can smoothly transfer the call to a live agent, along with the context.

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