Do you want to provide delightful Customer Experiences through Automated Digital channels?


Smartbots Customer Support Bot

Greater Customer Satisfaction with quicker query resolution

Deploy an intelligent Virtual Assistant that can understand, comprehend and serve a Customer quickly and accurately.

Get a production-ready bot in as little as 4 weeks with pre-built skills

Have the bot up and running in as little as 4 weeks using common industry use cases like Customer Query Resolution, FAQs, Ticket Management and more.

84% CSAT can now be realized

In the personalized customer experience provided bythe bot, CSAT  score is bound to increase as your Customers love talking To the  Virtual Assistant. The Personalized Customer Experience is achieved through getting insights from integrations with backend systems.

Get to know your customers better

The Bot Analytics give you different metrics that help you understand your customers at a deeper level. The insights help you know what your customers are talking about, what their common issues are, what is their sentiment about your organization and many more.

Painless integrations and Remote Deployments

With the COVID crisis, remote working has become the new normal. Smartbots Bot solutions can be easily deployed remotely and with minimal effort from your Organization.

Quick & Accurate Query Resolution
Personalized Communication
Delighted Customer

Pre-built & Customizable Skills


Enable customers/employees to self-serve by giving them access to the knowledge base

Ticket Status

Create ticket, provide ticket status information and updates through conversational interfaces

Account Updates

Modify account details, know billing and payment related information and get status updates through chatbot

Live Agent Handover

For more complex and urgent queries, bot can handover the conversation to the live-agent

….and many more

Conversational Bots that your customers love...

The Smartbots Advantage

Human-like Conversations

Your customers can talk to the bot like they talk to another human. Our tech understands various customer conversation patterns including slang, organization and process specific language. Advanced tools such as sentiment analysis and conversation flows help us create authentic human like conversations

Context Handling

Smartbots Dialogue State Tracker (DST) is a state of the art conversation manager that makes us so unique. It not only manages multi-turn conversations but also remembers the context throughout the customer journey. DST helps to switch from FAQ answering to process oriented actions seamlessly.

Pre-trained Skills

Smartbots Skill Library has a huge range of industry and process specific skills that have been picked up from deep industry insights. These skills can be quickly customized for enterprise specific considerations. Customized AI/ML modules can be added on top of these skills.


Smartbots Training module helps you discover untrained customer queries that will help you increase the bot scope. Along with easy enhancements, Training module helps your organization map its customer service improvement processes.

Complete Bot Management

Smartbots Platform’s modules support the complete lifecycle of conversation agents including automated testing, dynamic training, managing multiple channels, conversation logs and comprehensive analytics.

Rapid Deployment

DialogScore, our automated testing module, helps you assess the quality of the bot quickly and helps you make the bot production ready in a short time. Our easy to use deployment and integration tools help you in launching the bot effortlessly.

Smartbots Conversational AI Platform

Smartbots is a cohesive bot development platform that designs, develops,
validates and deploys AI-powered conversational chatbots that suit the
unique needs of your business.

Our Technology

The various modules that make the Smartbots Platform enable us to deliver you the best Conversational agents in a short time. These modules have been designed and developed with extensive care and ensure a superior quality conversational experiences for your customers.

How we work?

Our concentrated approach to superior Conversational Agents ensures high quality empathetic bots in quick time. Our pre-built bot skills help in getting to market quickly and our Testing Training and Analytics modules make sure the bot is always delivering delightful customer experiences.

Enterprise Support

Smartbots Platform is enterprise ready and are equipped to handle the complex use-cases encountered in any enterprise setup. This includes enterprise grade security and authentication, user management, SSO and more. We provide the flexibility of On-prem, Cloud and Hybrid solutions.

Let SmartBots Support You in Developing Competitive

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