Support Bot – An Intelligent Solution for Automating Support Function

Intelligently automate and streamline the quality of support services offered to different stakeholders – customers, employees and partners.

AI-Powered Conversational Bots for Modernizing the Support Function

In today’s experience economy, all stakeholders and especially customers expect organizations to be available round-the-clock to provide instantaneous query resolution and effective-yet-speedy support. Due to the voluminous requests flooding support centers and limited resources, businesses are often not able to provide real-time, 24×7 support leading to long wait times – even days and weeks. Leverage Support Bots to craft rich and cohesive experiences for different stakeholders by engaging in smart, personalized,two-way interactions at scale while eliminating drudge-intensive tasks for support executives.

Bots for Smart Automation and Modernization of Your Support Function 

Query Resolution

Instantly, seamlessly and effectively resolve voluminous queries from customers, employees and partners.

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Our AI-powered Support Bots access the enterprise’s rich knowledge base and other contextual data to have natural, two-way conversations with the users and provide personalized responses in the enterprise language to them. Go beyond traditional call centers, FAQs, contact forms, reports, etc. and provide high-quality, relevant insights to the users.

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Ticket Management

Create tickets for support, complaints, service, etc. by collecting relevant information from users through simple conversation.

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 Leverage Support Bots to segregate the tickets and route them to the right agent to be addressed quickly and efficiently. Simplify the ticket management process for users and enable them to track the ticket status.

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Capture Customer Data

Collect customer details, complaints and feedback and capture data about the support services provided, queries received, etc. using

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Support Bots. Analyze the captured data to overhaul and streamline service strategies, user experiences and overall business outcomes.

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24*7 Availability

Provide round-the-clock, effective support services to customers without increasing the seats in your support/ service centers

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or expending more time, money and efforts using the Customer Support Bots. Be responsive to customers’ support needs through 24×7 availability and instantaneous action and enhance customer experiences.

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Consitency and Accuracy

Unlike human support executives, Support Bots perform consistently and with the same level of accuracy regardless

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of how many times they are required to repeat actions. Minimize the grunt work that your support executives perform through intelligent automation and enable them to focus on the big picture.

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Registration and Scheduling

Free up administrative staff’s time and deliver extraordinary customer experience with personalized scheduling assistant. Help discover the right specialists

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and optimal times for appointments with an easy to use natural language interface. Healthcare providers can create personalized registration and appointment journey by collecting the important information such as insurance details, personal details as and when needed and within context using our platform.

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Clinician Assistant

With our virtual assistants integrated into the clinical workflow, clinicians and nurses can retrieve the right information at the right time with simple conversations.

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The virtual assistant also suggests next course of action and aids in capturing the relevant information at the time of care. Our virtural assistants can be customized to the providers care management mechansims and integrated with relevant EHR/EMR systems.

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Health-Plans & Billing

Simplify healthcare coverage assessment for healthcare payers through assisted conversations. Healthcare payers can converse with the virtual assistant to

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understand the costs for a particular service, past claims made and check claim status and report unauthorized claims. Health plans and Billing virtual assistants free up administrative staffs time by allowing guided self-service using Conversational AI. Our platform can be integrated with authorized insurance providers of the healthcare facility.

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Population Health Management

Patients especially with chronic conditions like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, etc. require regular reminders and prompts to take

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medications and health-checks. The chronic condition management bots send regular reminders to the patients following up to ensure that they are on track with the prescribed treatment plan.

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Patient Engagement

Enhance provider-patient engagement and better manage healthcare experiences by providing information access as and when needed. Help patients setup

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automated reminders, followed by conversations to capture actions taken and assist them in medication adherence and care management through contextual guided conversations.Our conversational AI technology helps care provider to discover important issues patients would like to be addressed and take appropriate actions.

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Benefits of Support Bot

Boost Productivity

Leverage the smart automation capabilities of Support Bots to minimize repetitive tasks and reduce resource intensity in serving larger numbers of users.

Boost Efficiency

Achieve end-to-end business process optimization and scalability through automation and chat concurrency. Efficiently handle large volumes of users in multiple languages and provide instantaneous support.

Reduce Operational Costs

Reduce operational costs by minimizing manpower requirements for the support function. Minimize inaccuracies, wastage, redundancies and losses permeating from drudge-intensive, manual work and maximize business value.

Deliver Enhanced Experiences

Lessen negative emotional responses, especially from customers, through higher responsiveness and minimized resolution time for support requests enabled by Support Bots. Overhaul and streamline the entire service process and deliver enhanced experiences to all stakeholders.

Craft Rich Interactive Experiences

Let AI Effectively Manage Support

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