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    SmartBots is a cohesive bot development platform that designs, develops, validates and deploys AI-powered conversational chatbots that suit the unique needs of your business.

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    SmartBots equip and enable your business and varied business functions to become BOT-ready. Gain immensely from the varied practical applications of AI-powered chatbots.

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    SmartBot For Medical Representatives

    SmartBot For Medical

    Freeing Them Up for
    Functions That Matter

    MAYA, custom-built for a Life Sciences company, intelligently handles drudge-intensive and routine tasks to enable medical representatives to focus on their core responsibilities.

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    Say Hi

    To SmartBot

    The name’s SmartBot. I am an intelligent conversational chatbot developed for better outcomes across Businesses processes, employee recruitment and appraisals, customer engagement and a host of other functions. I simplify operations and bring significant positive impact.


    Billion Increase in Customer Engagement


    Increase in Website


    Decrease in Cost of Operations

    Let’s talk about engaging your website visitors with meaningful interactions that help them find the information they need – faster. The outcome – increased possibilities of conversions from sites and landing pages.

    Upto 30%

    Increase in visitor to lead conversion


    Rise in landing-page visits


    Decrease in Website Bounce Rate

    Virtual assistants supported intelligent interactions between employees and HR helps with easier onboarding, guided journey through Learning Management solutions, increasing employee engagement with the enterprise.


    Faster onboarding process

    Upto 20%

    Decrease in employee resignations


    Faster pace in training and skill developments

    Guided conversations help with finding the most relevant and contextual data and personalized business insights. With BOTs, smart insights are delivered in real-time for better decision making.


    Faster generation of reports

    Upto 10%

    Rise in business investments


    Increase in Revenue due to insights supported better decisions

    Entity Empowering

    Advanced BOTs

    BoTs are developed by the Smartbots platform, adept at developing complex technology integrations and conversational interfaces. Cutting through the clutter of content and complex processes, Smartbots helps enterprises meaningfully engage with next-gen workforce and customers.

    Built To Bring The Best Of AI

    Conversational BOTs

    Implemented In Industries


    Intelligent conversation agents support the functions of Medical Representatives and Clinical Researchers, streamlining Sales process and Trial managements.

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    Virtual assistants for Clinical Specialists, Hospitals and Patients for easy management of appointments, clinical procedure, treatment calendars, etc.

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    Support for Insurers and their field agents, with information management regarding Policy regulations, creations, Claims processing and settlements.

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    Financial Services

    Financial Services

    From Retail banking to Wealth management to Financial Transactions, Virtual assistants transform the Banking experience and transactions.

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    The Platform Architecture

    That Engineered SmartBots

    Our Machine Learning powered platform leads the design, prototyping, testing, validating and deployment of AI-driven Chatbots. The platform pillars the development of custom bots that can easily integrate with any application – even an enterprises’ custom application ecosystem.




    Design and manage business flows and conversations.


    Organize and manage enterprise skills published through the platform.

    Enhanced User

    Download or email huge data files. Retrieve and play videos.


    Publish and manage bots in various enterprise channels such as Web, Slack, Skype.

    Identity & Access

    Supports Single Sign-On (OAuth, SAML, Others)


    Integrate enterprise systems using bot platform through simple REST based APIs.


    Train the bot to adapt to enterprise language and environment.


    Handles conversation context and enables natural conversations.

    Meet My

    BOT Buddies

    Meet my counterparts, other ready-to-use Bots developed by Smartbots for varied applications – right from Sales Enablement to Employee Engagement.

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