SB Training

Improve the quality of your bot by helping it to understand various customer queries

Insufficient and Ineffective bot training is
one of the main reasons chatbots fail.

Train your bot using SB Training, A Complete bot training tool

Vulnerable Conversations

SmartCare backend algorithm goes through each and every conversations and identifies  the ones which need attention. Review these vulnerable conversations and map them to the corresponding topics.

Check the complete chat interaction and mark the conversation to the correct intent.

Training History

Get a list of all the phrases that have been used previously to train the botIn case of an unwanted behavior by the bot, the training history can be helpful in understanding the reason for the behavior and would enable to make required changes to improve the bot

Chatbots are only as good as the training they are given Training is a continuous activity that is crucial in increasing the quality of the bot over a period of time

An End-to-End solution for all your Enterprise Bot needs

Collection of industry specific pre-built skills which are pre-trained with standard conversation flows.

A Bot Testing Framework to test your bots and identify weak spots

Understand your bot’s performance with real-time analytics and metrics.

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