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The Client

One of the youngest top 100 pharma companies, with focus on therapy and providing novel solutions in pain management.

The Context

A young award winning pharmaceutical company has a field force of around 500 executives.

The company depends on this field force for their sales and marketing activities. The field force is directly responsible for maintaining and increasing the sales of the company products.
The field force meet doctors, chemists and stockists everyday and record the details about their meetings into their backend system through a web application.

The Challenge

Executives unable to capture information accurately, resulting in loss of valuable insights.

Recording the data manually into the system after every meeting was a very tedious process. Due to this, the company observed that the field force was entering data all at once and hence a lot of important information about the meetings was lost.

The company realised that they need to make the process of recording the data easier, so that there is minimal loss of information.

“ We were losing valuable insights from doctors because they weren’t being captured accurately by the field force executives. And we realised, this was because recording the info was a cumbersome process”

– Chief Digital Officer

The Impact

  • 40% increase in data submissions
  • Significant increase in quality of information
  • 30% reduction in incomplete entries
  • 63% decrease in late entries

The Solution

Voice bot that can converse with the workforce in natural language.

Smartbots built a voice enabled chatbot for the enterprise. The field force can now enter the details about each meeting by conversing with the bot.

The bot explicitly asks the user to enter data for each of the data points and makes sure the users don’t miss out on important information.
Being a voice bot, the process of entering the details is simplified to a great extent and hence leads to capturing of crucial data and insights.

“ After every meeting, the first thing I do is talk to the bot and record all the details about the meeting. This eases the process and gives me more time to prepare for my next meeting.”

– A field force executive

“ With the implementation of the Voice Bot, we have been getting a lot more valuable info from the field force, which has helped us getting more insights about the market. We have successfully been able to use these insights to improve our sales and marketing efforts and in improving our brand value.”

– Chief Strategy Officer

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