Artificial Intelligence (AI) In Healthcare Industry

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Informed and demanding consumers are changing the way healthcare chatbots are delivered. Healthcare providers can no longer afford to indulge in a paternalistic approach to deliver the treatment. Healthcare providers need to constantly update themselves about various scientific advancements as well as knowledge on the availability of various pharmaceutical responses.

The increased scrutiny of interactions between the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare providers by academics, government, and various professionals has curtailed industry and healthcare provider interactions. The current regulations and practices demand a new inclusive approach to bring the healthcare providers, consumers, and industry together.

AI and Chatbots are uniquely positioned to address the needs of the healthcare industry that is challenged in delivering the right message, the right response at the right time, and also in capturing the right voice of the consumer. The ability to bring everyone together in a conversational way will pave the way not only in delivering the right care but also in formulating the right responses that address the needs of targeted consumers at a faster pace.

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For Pharmaceutical Companies: Pharmaceutical companies can now deploy new AI and Pharmaceutical Chatbot conversational tools for their sales reps and marketing managers and enable them to reach out to healthcare providers and consumers effectively. The conversational approach powered by AI to access information from multiple data silos will enhance the ability of sales reps to provide the right information to their audience instantly. For example, a sales rep will no longer need to go through a list of 100 videos to figure out the right one for his meeting. The Sales Rep can chat or talk directly with the system and direct it to provide the relevant video that is best suited. The marketing or brand manager can make sure the requisite content and data are available to Healthcare providers and patients through text and voice interfaces. The age-old clunky interfaces are being replaced with AI-powered conversational interfaces and the new conversational systems do not have any adaptation problems nor any training requirements.

For Healthcare Providers: Healthcare providers and doctors can now access the knowledge repository instantly through new voice and chat-based interfaces. They no longer need to go through multiple CME sites or journals to find the right information. The new age Conversational tools provide an opportunity to record the voice of consumers and also guide the consumers in treatment options. When integrated effectively with hospital management systems, healthcare professionals can retrieve the patient information on demand and consumer experience can be enhanced by providing assistant tools that remind consumers on medications, doctor visits and diagnostic requirements. Applying AI on top of the voice of the consumers, behavioral patterns and health care providers treatment data will help the entire industry in formulating targeted responses.

For Consumers: The accessibility of knowledge on various health conditions, treatment options and assistant tools through easy to use conversational interfaces will encourage the consumers in taking the proactive care about their health. The new tools and technologies shall help consumers record their views on their health conditions, provide information on medication usage unobtrusively and this in turn shall create a virtuous cycle of developing targeted treatment options.

Artificial Intelligence will be a major priority for the businesses of AI in healthcare industry, given the incredible potential benefit it can bring in to the entire ecosystem. Conversational Interfaces will be the first step in their conversational AI journey.

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