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Conversational AI Consultancy

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Conversational AI Strategy Consulting & Advisory Services

Our Conversational AI experts will work with your business leaders to help you design a conversational AI strategy aligned with your business goals and use case discovery.


Leading the Way with AI-Based Chat & Voice Virtual Assistants

By tapping into our unmatched experience with all the leading NLPs, you will benefit from the most robust solution on the market. Our team has a collective of 40+ years of experience with Artificial Intelligence. Our Intelligent Virtual Assistant solutions scale up to handle millions of sessions per month. We have built customized bots since 2015 for many industries and use cases. Let’s get to work!

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Chatbot Implementation Services

Chatbot Implementation or Development Services

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If you are looking for a complete conversational solution, we can work closely with your business teams to determine the requirements and deliver a comprehensive strategy.


  • Use Case Discovery
  • Conversation Design
  • Chatbot Development
  • Testing & Training
  • Production Ready Deployment

Chatbot Testing

Make your chatbot as reliable as possible with our world-class testing framework DialogScore. Run thousands of proven test cases that will measure chatbot performance on several dimensions. Our automated testing suite will identify the weak spots in the bot semantics understanding. We then provide a report with the dimensional scoring and recommendations.

AI Chatbot Testing

Proof of Value (POV) Accelerator Program

Evaluating Chatbots?

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Not all Conversational AI solutions (chatbots or virtual assistants) are equal. Building a chatbot or virtual assistant might seem easy using a developer self-service framework. But organizations face more problems scaling it up for production readiness. Our Proof-Of-Value accelerator program helps identify the problems early on and scale the Conversational AI solutions to success.

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