Redefine Customer Engagement with Conversational AI in Financial Services

Provide delightful customer experiences with Conversational AI in Financial Virtual Agents

Customers today, expect responsive, personalized and quick customer service from their Bank or Financial Institution. Customer service involves FAQs, requests, processes and more. Most of these are common and repetitive. Customer service representatives have to spend most of their time answering and solving these queries and requests and thus have less time for more complex tasks.

With Financial Services Chatbots, these common tasks can be automated. These Virtual Agents have a high self service rate which considerably reduces the number of queries being transferred to human agents. This increases efficiency and reduces costs.

Account Management

Solve common customer queries and requests like balance enquiry, recent transactions, payment information, bill payments and more.

  • Simple chat commands
  • Multi-channel
  • Highly secure
  • Multi-factor authentication

Fraud Management

In the case of frauds or theft, the time to action is most crucial. With conversational banking, this time to action is very short. Customers can quickly and easily report fraudulent transactions or stolen cards and thus prevent losses.

  • Automated account validation
  • Quicker resolution times
  • Adhering to CCPA and GDPR standards
  • Lower operational costs
  • Greater speed and efficiency

Service Requests

Register service requests directly from Conversational AI interfaces, thus reducing the number of steps involved. Customers can quickly create requests for different services. Customers can also obtain details about various products and services offered. Loan proposals and loan status can also be checked right from the interface.

  • Quick request creation and status check
  • FAQs and product/service information
  • Loan quotes and status
  • Understand customer sentiment by reviewing customer query data
  • 24×7 availability

Benefits of Chatbots in Financial Services

  • Instant and accurate query resolutions
  • High self-service rate and First Call Resolution rate
  • Available 24×7
  • Huge cost savings
  • Greater employee efficiency
  • Personalized customer experience

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