Make Your Bots Truly Smart

A solid Bot Testing Framework that tests your bot in 5 dimensions and gives you a clear idea about how your bot is performing and how it can be improved

Is your Bot truly "Conversational"?

Does your bot provide an exceptional interaction experience?

Can your bot gracefully handle all types of unpredictable human dialog?

Can your bot handle subtle differences with intent phrases?



Make your bot as reliable as possible with our world-class testing platform. Connect your bot and run thousands of proven test cases that will measure bot performance on several dimensions. Our automated testing suite will identify the weak spots in the bot semantics understanding. We then provide a report with the dimensional scoring and recommendations.

TestCase Generation

Generating testcases for Bot testing is difficult, but the most important task. Without quality testcases, testing the bot is not very useful.
With this in mind, we use a hybrid approach to generate testcases for each bot.

We use a combination of automation and manual test case generation.

This ensures that the time to generate test cases is minimized and the quality of the test cases is really good.

What is Intent Chaining? Why is it Important in Bot Building?

Determining DialogScore

DialogScore is a yardstick to measure bots production readiness. The score is calculated using high quality test cases which run on our preparatory testing algorithm.
Our testing algorithm helps in identifying the quality of intents used to build the bot. Not only that, we test for changes in topic, confusing questions and shortcuts that humans use during conversations.
We import a clone of your bot and run thousands of proven test cases that will measure performance on several dimensions. The 5 dimensions that make DialogScore are

  • Intent Score
  • Out of Domain Score
  • Conversation Flow Score
  • Entity Score
  • Small Talk Score

Reports and Recommendations

Testing is not useful if you cannot make meaning out of it.

You can generate various reports for the bot’s performance.

Different reports can be generated depending on the target audience.

Specifically designed reports are generated for Business users, Technology experts and Management.

DialogScore also provides you with a set of recommendations . These recommendations can help you understand how you can improve the bot and how you can get a greater benefit from the bot’s usage.

An End-to-End solution for all your Enterprise Bot needs

Collection of industry specific pre-built skills which are pre-trained with standard conversation flows.

Identify vulnerable conversations and train the bot to handle them, thus improving the bot quality

Understand your bot’s performance with real-time analytics and metrics.

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