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We offer smart solutions – from pre-developed BOTs to custom-built AI/ML based assistants – for a multitude of sectors and a wide range of functions and diverse needs.

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Pre-built To Perfection

Our Universe Of Ready Bots

The SmartBots platform helps you automate and transform your organization’s internal processes and functions. Streamline activities from HR, Finance, IT Help Desk to Customer support and Customer Engagement. Modernize legacy systems and make information and insights easily accessible to your employees and other stakeholders.

Business Intelligence BOT

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Virtual Assistants

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Financial Services

Customizable and Scalable AI-Assistants

The SmartBots Platform enables you to automate tasks, streamline activities and transform the way you engage with key stakeholders at scale. The pre-built templates and custom AI/ML models that are specific to your industry and functions enable you jumpstart your Conversational AI journey quickly and at economical costs of deployment.

Advanced AI/ML Prowess

Empowering Custom Development Of Chat Assistants helps you develop custom chatbots with Advanced AI/ML models that are specific to your use case. Highly customized Smart layers, state management, dialogue flows and engagement monitoring metrics with enterprise- and use case-specificity can be incorporated into your Conversational BOT. With advanced SDKs, incorporate the Conversational BOT right into your existing applications.

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