Automate Customer Support with Conversational AI for Telecom

Conversational AI is powering the next horizon of Telecom support desk communications.

Conversational AI is redefining how Telecom Companies are providing Customer Support

Providing exceptional customer support is an important criteria for success for Telecom companies. Customers expect highly from customer service and are ready to move to another telecom provider if the service is not upto their expectations.
In the present age, telecom companies need to adopt to new technologies to improve customer engagement and support automation in order to make customers happy and to stay ahead of the competition.
Chatbots in Telecom industry help companies deliver exceptional customer service with personalized customer experiences, quick and accurate query resolutions, support automation and higher first call resolution.

Standard Support

Resolve common and frequent application related customer requests, FAQs and queries like recharge, bill payments, service provisioning, password reset, complaints and more. With the help of VAs users will be able to resolve queries instantly without the need to wait for L1 support agents. The VA can be integrated to backend system and knowledge FAQs.

  • Recharge
  • Service Status
  • Create Ticket
  • Ticket Status
  • FAQs

Account/Billing Support

Help customers resolve their Account and Billing issues that require a series of steps. These process require step by step guidance which usually takes more time. VAs can take up this task instead of a human agent thus saving a lot of time and costs. VAs guide customers with each step and help them complete their task.

  • Change SIM
  • Change address or other details
  • Claim refund
  • Raise dispute
  • Request new SIM
  • Change account plans

Product Support

Self service VA to help potential customers with information regarding various products and services offered by the service provider. The VA is capable of providing information related to the product/service and guide the user to choose the right product/Service.

  • Product & Service FAQs
  • New product/service request
  • Product/Service discontinuation
  • Add new device or member
AI Chatbots in Telecom

Benefits of Chatbots in Telecom Industry

Effective and Automated Resolution

  • Instant call resolution 24/7 and call deflection
  • Reduced Call Query Handling Time
  • Easy to use and Guided Conversation helping in effective resolution
  • Reduced support costs and better use of agents time
  • Enhanced Customer Experience

Deep Insights from Customer Conversations

  • Understand customer intent and behavior
  • Analyze intents that need improvement or to be addressed.
  • Understand triggers for CSAT and new business generation
  • Prioritize human agent/Virtual agent skill improvements

Increased Revenue

  • Increased Customer Loyalty will reduce churn
  • Increased revenue through cross-sell/up-sell.
Benefits of Chatbots in Telecom Industry

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